About Wypoon Technologies

About us

Our omnifarious team offers a wide variety in expertise, thanks to the broad experience of its individual members in different types of industry. This will refelect throughout our whole business process. From consulting your software needs all the way to the final product delivery, we'll ensure every aspect runs smoothly.

The Wypoon Team is at your service every day of the week. Shoot us a message through the contact form below, or visit our office in Breda, Netherlands.

The Wypoon Team

  • Micah Gabriel

    Micah Gabriel

    Senior IT Recruiter

  • Frédérique van Poppel

    Frédérique van Poppel

    Junior Recruiter

  • Aviem Churchill

    Aviem Churchill

    IT Recruiter

  • Genesis Boyer

    Genesis Boyer

    Human Resources

  • Dawid Zubryd

    Dawid Zubryd

    Talent Staffing Specialist

  • Philip Deeleman

    Philip Deeleman

    IT Staffing & Secondment Specialist EMEA

  • Rogier van Poppel

    Rogier van Poppel

    Web & Cloud Solutions Specialist

  • Gijs Bruinhof

    Gijs Bruinhof

    Global Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • Gijs Bruinhof


    One of our open positions

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Wypoon Technologies B.V.
Verlengde Poolseweg 8
4818 CL Breda
The Netherlands

Phone:+31 (0) 76 78 11 111
IBAN:NL63 RABO 0337 6655 24

Wypoon Technologies Belgium B.V.
Congresstraat / Rue de Congres 35
1000 Brussels

Phone:+32 (0) 2 22 727 84
IBAN: BE36733060533181 (KBC)